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Homelessness: Why can't we make it Rare and Brief?

It's as simple, and as hard, as access to safe, affordable homes - Also known as Housing First.

We know we've succeeded when someone experiencing homelessness is safely housed along with any needed support services for their particular situation within just a few days.

We also know that including young people in helping with that solution, while learning new construction and business skills along the way, will create a powerful jobs and housing model along with recovery.

Tiny homes are an exciting tool because they offer incredibly affordable housing that can be located where the need is, and where new opportunities for jobs and community support exist.

The potential in renting to own, or in saving money for future housing, is also critical in solving the housing crises.

And speaking of crises, stabilizing ones life from crises while retaining the flexibility, affordability, and mobility that tiny homes (on wheels in particular) provide is their unique advantage. An advantage everyone has a right to.

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