July 27, 2018

Here outlined in one place is a White Paper on how tiny might help homelessness. 

January 10, 2018

We have an exciting, and potentially pioneering, opportunity for several off grid capable tiny home owners! 
You'd be applying along with your Caretaker Cottage, aka Tiny Home, to stay and care for a 2.4 acre urban farm in Northeast Baltimore in the Frankford community...

November 30, 2017

A Report On our Trip to Detroit's Tiny Homes

Due to the generosity of Jonathon Melnick, nine of us got a chance to travel to Detroit on a day trip to go visit the new tiny home village that's being developed there.

We sat down with Reverend Fowler who gave us an overvie...

November 20, 2017

If it costs nearly $200,000 to build an affordable housing unit in Baltimore, how will we ever get ahead of the housing crises? 

I was honored in having a great conversation about tiny homes in Baltimore with Wes Moore, a decorated Army combat veteran, youth advoca...

January 6, 2017

Op-ed Baltimore Sunpapers:

Could tiny homes be the solution to many of Baltimore's problems? One homeowner thinks so.

A 238-square-foot home will soon be our permanent residence. But before you laugh, scoff or stop reading, let me explain why.

Living in a tiny house give...

December 28, 2016

A Typical Day for Tiny Tina

Tina wakes in her tiny home, makes her bed, and goes downstairs to use her bathroom which separates her solids from her liquids; one being composted and the other adding nitrogen to the greywater nutrients that water her flower garden. She br...

December 15, 2016

Time to put some backbone to a concept in making a dent in systemic poverty: 

Tiny homes on wheels can be a real asset in living near your work and with less stuff, saving time, resources and money.

Even the lowest income folks can own something of value, build equity a...

December 10, 2016

It's as simple, and as hard, as access to safe, affordable homes - Also known as Housing First. 

We know we've succeeded when someone experiencing homelessness is safely housed along with any needed support services for their particular situation within just a few days....

December 6, 2016

Over the years I've dipped into a number of exciting activities: Affordable Housing, Homelessness, Sustainable Living: Tiny Homes, Human Power - Bicycling, Composting Toilets, Greywater and so on..... I've been lucky with wonderful careers I loved in Cartography, Affor...

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