January 6, 2017

Op-ed Baltimore Sunpapers:

Could tiny homes be the solution to many of Baltimore's problems? One homeowner thinks so.

A 238-square-foot home will soon be our permanent residence. But before you laugh, scoff or stop reading, let me explain why.

Living in a tiny house give...

December 28, 2016

A Typical Day for Tiny Tina

Tina wakes in her tiny home, makes her bed, and goes downstairs to use her bathroom which separates her solids from her liquids; one being composted and the other adding nitrogen to the greywater nutrients that water her flower garden. She br...

December 4, 2016

Todd Litman has been my go-to expert on international transit issues and now he comments on how cars impact affordable housing as well:

"Few cities mandate housing for people, but most city zoning codes mandate generous amounts of housing (parking) for automobiles in mo...

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