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Housing is a basic human right
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We believe in living lightly, in terms of the stuff we own (as it really owns us). Keeping things simple may help us find deeper satisfaction in life... perhaps even happiness! 

We believe everyone wants a great quality of life. One avenue is in helping those who might need us along the way. 

We also believe in developing meaningful relationships, as it's our connectivity and mutual humanity that makes life so wonderful and that's were life's riches really lie.


Why "Homelessness to Homeownership"? Those three words encompass the amazing journey of those who've experienced the worst hardships... and there are milestones along that journey most of us strive for, too. 

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Not charity, but clarity on how to make life better

Creating a clear path towards sustainable homeownership, for those who are ready, helps everyone in accessing affordable decent housing. Along those lines, we have created Little Deeds, to make home modifications for those aging in place or returning from the hospital. 

Sustainable systems - Solar, Greywater, Composting Toilets

Save money and our environment: Learn the basics

Billions of people don't have access to a toilet. If they did, using drinking water to flush it would be considered insane. Greywater and composting isn't a fad. It's our future. Learn more about the tremendous benefits to you and to our environment.

Human Power!

Faster and Fitter Transportation = Financial Freedom

Nothing can stop a determined person on a bicycle. As nature's most efficient mode of transportation, you'll save thousands of dollars, burn calories rather than non-renewable resources like gas, all while riding this smile machine!

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